The Flavors Of The Season: Now In TRUFFLES!

28 November 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


If you were getting sick of pumpkin spice everything, or you just are not into pumpkin spice at all, you are probably very glad that the fall season is finished. With Christmas and Hanukkah on the way, you are much more eager to greet these flavors, especially in the form of decadent candies and treats. Truffles are the perfect candy for this season, as they are both decadent and versatile when it comes to flavors. Here are a few holiday truffle flavors you should try.

Chocolate Rum

Yes, it sounds strange, but chocolate rum flavor is actually pretty good. Better still is chocolate coconut rum, which is really quite divine. You will have to shop exotic candy stores to sample these treats, but it is worth tracking them down.


Look for gingerbread-flavored truffles with a white chocolate shell. The gingerbread and white chocolate mix tastes of gingerbread cookies with a very creamy icing on top. The aroma of these truffles is reminiscent of glowing scented candles and bakery in the oven.

Dark Chocolate Mint

Few people can resist the combination of dark chocolate and peppermint. There is something about the richness of the dark chocolate swirled together in your mouth with cool, refreshing mint that leaves you thinking of snow and candy canes. For a real treat, drop this truffle into your holiday coffee, stir to melt the truffle, and drink to enjoy.

Dark Raspberry Cordial

Raspberry cordial was an aperitif saved for special occasions, such as the winter holidays, and served in an aperitif glass or flambe'ed over vanilla ice cream. Most chocolatiers try to recreate the latter in creamy smooth truffle with raspberry cordial filling in a variety of chocolate shells. While it is good no matter what variety of chocolate in which it is wrapped, the dark and white chocolate versions taste the best with the raspberry.


Minced bits of dried maraschino cherries are folded into the truffle filling and enhanced with natural cherry flavor. No one knows exactly how cherry became a popular holiday flavor, but it might have something to do with its color, or possibly because cherries are completely out of season in winter. It could also be that cherries were frequently added to holiday fruit breads and cakes, and that is how it made it into these truffles.

Try a Box of Assorted Truffles

If you cannot make up your mind which of these truffles sound the best, buy an assortment box from a local candy store, such as Abdallah Candies And Gifts. That way, you know which ones you like and which ones only taste so-so to you. What you do not eat, your children probably will!