Reduce Clutter in Your Efficiency Apartment’s Kitchen

17 December 2017
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If you live in an efficiency apartment and its kitchen is lacking counter and cabinet space and you tend to stack items on your dinette table and chairs, you may feel overwhelmed by the disorganization you are presented with while preparing meals and the shortage of space needed to sit down and relax while eating. Use the tips below to reduce clutter and provide your kitchen with a more organized appearance. Read More 

Tips For First-Time Sushi Eaters

13 December 2017
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If you're getting ready to venture out for your first introduction to sushi, it's important to understand what you can expect. Sushi is a very specific type of cuisine, and many first-timers don't know exactly what to order. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind as you are looking at the menu. Don't Just Order Rolls Sushi rolls are a great introduction to the cuisine, but they aren't the only one. Read More 

First Time Ordering Indian Food? Try These Classics

6 December 2017
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If you have never ordered Indian takeout or delivery food before, you may not know what to get when you browse the menu. The names of dishes are not very recognizable and don't tell you a lot about the dish itself. That's where this guide comes in! These are five classic Indian dishes that you must try as you are just getting acquainted with the cuisine. Try all of these, and you'll have a decent introductory understanding of Indian food's flavors and textures. Read More 

Tips For Making A Tasty And Low Sugar Grenadine At Home

6 December 2017
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If you have ever had a Shirley Temple, then you are very familiar with the bright red ingredient in the drink called grenadine. Grenadine is a must when making the alcohol-free drink, but some of the products you see at the local grocery store are filled with tons of sugar. If you want to make your own tasty grenadine at home, keep reading to learn about some tips that can help you with the recipe. Read More 

4 Simple Solutions To Cut Coffee Costs At Work

5 December 2017
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Each day, millions of people need a hot, aromatic sip of coffee to get them going in the morning. While some are able to have one cup all morning, others will need to continue sipping on this favorite beverage throughout their day at work. Considering 44 percent of consumers consume 2 to 3 cups each day, the amount of coffee your workplace may serve can be overwhelming. Limiting coffee at work can negatively affect motivation and production, but you can find a way to cut costs while keeping your employees content. Read More