4 Simple Solutions To Cut Coffee Costs At Work

5 December 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


Each day, millions of people need a hot, aromatic sip of coffee to get them going in the morning. While some are able to have one cup all morning, others will need to continue sipping on this favorite beverage throughout their day at work. Considering 44 percent of consumers consume 2 to 3 cups each day, the amount of coffee your workplace may serve can be overwhelming. Limiting coffee at work can negatively affect motivation and production, but you can find a way to cut costs while keeping your employees content. Using these simple tips, you can cut coffee costs at work.

Buy In Bulk/Subscription

If you go to the nearest grocery store or discount retailer to purchase coffee each week for your workplace, you will end up spending more. To reduce the costs of coffee and supplies, visit a warehouse that sells items in bulk.

Every few weeks, purchase a few boxes of single-serve coffee pods like Keurig k cups or larger cans and bags of ground coffee at these bulk warehouses. You may end up spending a lot up front, but purchasing in bulk will save you the most money in the long run. In addition, buying in bulk will reduce the risk of a limited supply in the workplace.

Many online retailer offer coffee in bulk, as well. Order and have the supplies shipped directly to your workplace to reduce costs and stress.

A subscription delivery service is also an option to consider. Many local companies offer delivery of coffee and supplies on a subscription plan. Sign a contract for the subscription service to save even more money.

Offer Alternatives

Coffee does not have to be the only option offered to your employees during the workday. A few alternatives can be appealing additions to the break room while helping you save money on your coffee purchase.

If your breakroom is equipped with a single-serve machine, you do not need to purchase coffee pods only. Consider adding pods for tea and even hot cocoa to the breakroom. Both tea and hot cocoa are more affordable options. Employees can choose to drink one of these beverages instead of coffee, which will help reduce costs slightly.

Ask for Donations

If your employees truly enjoy drinking a variety of coffee and other beverages, but your business just does not have the extra funds, ask for donations.

Choose a spot in the break room for setting up a large bucket or can for donations. Every employee can add a few dollars or some change periodically throughout the year that can be used for coffee, beverages, supplies, and other snacks.

This is a great way to cut costs, but it is also a smart way to boost company morale.

Avoid Disposables

In America, an estimated 25 billion Styrofoam cups are thrown away each year. Using these cups throughout the workplace is not only wasteful, but it can become expensive when buying breakroom supplies.

To help the environment and save your business some money, avoid using disposable products in the break room.

Ask every employee to bring in their own coffee mug to use while at work. Or, consider gifting each of your employees with a new cup that can be used at work. Invest in a set of spoons for stirring coffee, too.

Place a sign-up sheet in the breakroom that asks for volunteers that would be willing to spend time at the end of each day washing the coffee cups and spoons. Each employee can take a day to complete this task, ensuring the cups, spoons, coffee maker, and break room is clean and ready for the next day.

Without coffee and other beverages in the break room, your workers may not be as efficient. This guide will help you cut costs without cutting the amount of coffee and beverages your employees consume.