Tips For First-Time Sushi Eaters

13 December 2017
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If you're getting ready to venture out for your first introduction to sushi, it's important to understand what you can expect. Sushi is a very specific type of cuisine, and many first-timers don't know exactly what to order. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind as you are looking at the menu.

Don't Just Order Rolls

Sushi rolls are a great introduction to the cuisine, but they aren't the only one. While the flavors of the fish can sometimes be muddied by the addition of the seaweed and the rice, ordering your sushi in entrees will eliminate that problem. If you want to experience the entire spectrum of flavors, don't order just sushi rolls.

Follow The One-Bite Rule

When you do order sushi rolls, remember that the rolls are cut in slices that are intended to serve as a single bite. Eat the slice in one bite to get the balance of flavors. Otherwise, you may miss out on a key component that contributes to the overall taste of the roll. Not to mention, biting into it that way can make it messy, because the carefully rolled rice will start to fall apart.

Go Easy On The Soy Sauce

While you might be tempted to sink your entire piece of sushi into the soy sauce, remember that soy sauce has a very potent flavor. If you use more than just a very small amount, it will drown out the flavor of the fish entirely. There's no point in investing the money in sushi if you don't actually get to taste it.

Ginger Cleans Your Palate

When you're eating multiple types of sushi in one meal, you'll get some slices of ginger on your plate. They're usually either pickled or fresh. Eat a small piece of it between the bites of sushi to cleanse your palate. That way, you don't have the flavors of one roll affecting the flavor of the next.

Don't Order On Sundays

If you want the freshest sushi, don't order it on Sundays. Most restaurants don't get deliveries on Sundays, so the fish will be at least day-old. Find out when their fish deliveries come in and dine on those days for the freshest possible sushi plates.

With these tips, you can enjoy your introduction to sushi with confidence. For more information, talk with a local sushi restaurant near you, such as House Of Kobe. They're always happy to point you to the best products on the menu for beginners.