Reduce Clutter in Your Efficiency Apartment's Kitchen

17 December 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


If you live in an efficiency apartment and its kitchen is lacking counter and cabinet space and you tend to stack items on your dinette table and chairs, you may feel overwhelmed by the disorganization you are presented with while preparing meals and the shortage of space needed to sit down and relax while eating. Use the tips below to reduce clutter and provide your kitchen with a more organized appearance.

Install a Corner Pot Rack

A corner pot rack that is constructed of metal can be secured to the ceiling and will support the weight of cookware that is not currently being used. If you purchase a rack that has several tiers, you will be able to add additional pieces to the rack, including mixing bowls, baking trays, or any other cookware pieces that do not contain a handle.

Designate one corner of the kitchen to hang a pot rack. Decide how much space you would like the rack to cover before purchasing one. Follow the instructions enclosed with the rack to install the top of the rack through the wall. You will need a power tool, such as a drill, and a ladder to stand on. You will also need hardware pieces if hardware did not come with the rack you purchased. For a custom rack, check out CUSTOM POT RACK .

Purchase a Hanging Spice Rack or Shelving Unit

A hanging spice rack that is secured to chains or a basic shelving unit can be used to hold spices, seasonings, or any other ingredients that are stored inside of small bottles or packages. Install the rack or shelving unit over the kitchen counter. Arrange items across the rack or shelf so that the ingredients are listed alphabetically. Instead of needing to sift through a plethora of bottles and containers, you will be able to quickly locate ingredients needed. 

Eliminate Items Not Needed and Utilize a Shopping List

Part of the problem with too much clutter being present in the kitchen may be due to the fact that you have items in the room that haven't been used in months and that are taking up valuable space. Look through the contents of the kitchen and place items not used inside of a large box or bin. Give or throw away the items you have selected.

Make a shopping list before heading to the grocery store each week. Only write down items that you truly need. Avoid purchasing items in bulk and look for products that contain less packaging. This tactic will prevent the kitchen from becoming cluttered as much as it previously did, and you may also notice that food items are wasted less frequently.